Meaning bound (?)

For whom was this brief momentThat I spent upon this earthWhen the keepers of my memoryAre no longer around to remember? Is there meaning to this momentPast the limits of its borders?Is it all wrapped within this packageThat no-one gets to take with them?

Same destination

We were all still so youngThough we didn’t feel it Speeding through life,We were burning up years like fuelThough we didn’t see it And we always told each otherThat we gotta enjoy these momentsWhile they last,Though we hardly ever did Too much in a hurryTo make something of ourselves We all had different ideasWhat our […]

Last fall

Every yearThe fall comes to us allUntil it stops coming to one of usOne by one I only wishThat when it comes to me for the last timeI can say with contentThat it has been a good ride.

The Fall

The time of death and reckoning descends And now’s not the time to allow yourself to falter The bridge to the next round can be paved with your accomplishments If only you won’t fall prey to your monsters lurking on the way

Battling perils as we spoke

You ask me why I so rarely step outsideBut inside my head, I’m dragged to the outdoors more often than notIf you knew the kind of vicious monsters that keep coming at me thereI doubt that you would want to go face them head-on, either

Beyond trails pretraced

Here,Embraced within this forest’s peaceNo-one’ll ever know to come lookin’My path takes me to wilderness uncharted Alas,Had I the wish to be sought outI doubt that just anyoneCould be heartened to follow on my trail No,It’d have to be a special thingFor someone to brave these perilous woodsWithout falling into discouragement


The curses etched upon my psyche They never boded well for my days to come Is it why I now disappear nightly Desperate to conceal that which was burned away by the sun

The Intruder

I am not the one who knocksI pay no mind to the depth of your distressI care not for your frivolous fearsYour fleeting drives, your mortal dears I ain’t a lackey of the temporal The conclusion is the same for all,Whether you like it or notBy force I’ll be taking that which I am dueI […]

Forest of black

When the wind that blows through the treesTurns into a cold breeze When the blissful solitude takes to the savorOf bitter loneliness When isolation adopts the distinct flavourOf psychosis I know then that the shadows ain’t tailingFar behind me And I’ll be forced to fleeOut into the meadow To step outInto the sun Out of […]

Stagnant ambition

The wish to forgetAnd the need to be rememberedThey dance in tandem within me IntertwinedYet pulling into opposite directions RecognitionOr sweet inactionThey scuffle over the destinyOf my disoriented existence


A blanket settles upon meDark and heavyYet its weight offers no comfort No solace found amidst the sombre No respite from my demons,Though I see them notNo shelter from the cold,Though I feel it not WrithingAflame within the suffocating cocoonOf my internal torment

Past the woods where such woes dwell

My mind wandersBeyond the borders of this worldFree from its boundariesUpon roads never before takenWhere no-one else can follow I thread the trails unexploredBrave the threat of the unknownPast the woods where such woes dwellGlimmers of light, bathed in shadowSeek the source of life’s lost marrow


Zest for life restoredAt the last minute Paper thinWithin an inch As fine as a hairCan it sustain? Shall it standThe trials of time? Will itProvide?


What sweet joyTo perish before greater damageTo fade into mere gilded memoryTo be plucked away at a young ageAlready so ripe for the taking All of the forfeits past, theyMelt away with bygone daysLeaving only the warmth and the parting giftOf unpolluted reminiscence


It’s amazingHow completelyThe void can fill How the immobileCan so throughoutly bring to a standAll that which used to move The stagnationSo liberal in its devastation


This gnawing hungerIt can’t be satisfied with foodNot with water, not with wealthNor all the pleasure in the world Alcohol, it can’t be usedTo drown it outAnd I doubt that any other kind of abuseWould get the job done And love, though it warms my heartI know that it’s not enoughTo fulfill my soulTo feed […]


You think that you’re runningOut of timeYou fear that you have wastedAs many yearsAs you have spentOn this earth,And any chance for happinessThat you might haveOnce had;But even if that was the case,My dearest friend,Tell meIn all honesty,Would you have been readyBack then? You say that you regretAll the mistakesThat you have madeAlong the wayAnd […]


Oh, blue-eyed boyYou’re fixing to get your tender heart brokenChasing after that degenerate girlWho doesn’t care about leaving you bleedingAnd flayed, your realitySplit wide open Little yellowhammerYou’re chirping from the top of your lungsTrying to appease the deafeningHammering inside your breast; And doing anything to make her turn your wayFrantically shaking your branchTo capture that […]

A bird of gale

Sweet nightingaleYou’re weeping with a hundred different voicesSo desperately calling out for a loveThe pure, unpolluted kindThat you never knew in your youth Brought upAnd molded within a vortexIn the midst of such harrowing gustsThat should have been the comforting calmBefore the upcoming storms The arms that should have gently embraced youAnd breathed into you […]


Her pain was palpableIn every word that she allowedTo tumble out of her mouth And that pain, she wore itLike insignia upon her shoulders Woefully void of conscienceEverybody came to heelAt her feet, bending and breakingIn the lashing swirlsOf her whirlwind whims Wielding the whip, she had foundWas so much easierThan brushing the weltsUpon her […]


It’s tragicomic, reallyHow all the waysIn which we would hurtEach other, became evidentOnly in the illuminating lightOf the promisesThat we made to each other

Out of the shade

Self-awareness comes at such high a priceWhen at last you realize yourself to beAll fifty shades of fucked up,Yet you have no clue how to even startTo make it better It gives you little comfort to know thatYou have a long climb ahead of yaAnd no ready footholdsEtched out in front of ya And perhaps […]

Sinking at the highest level

I’m telling you, my friendDon’t compare your own life to his Though his success story may seemLike something out of a mere aspirer’s pipe dream It’s all just a cover imageOf the most glossy kind Concealing the gnawing void within himThe one that he’s so desperately trying to fill in Like shoveling whilst standing in […]


On the slyLike a thief in the nightHatred has managed to slither its wayInside my complaisant heart Out of sightYet rarely out of my mindYour venom still burns through my veinsSpreading such paralyzing painAnd rotting away my benevolent parts

The Dance

The girl is so wearyOh, so weary She wants to stop her scrabblingFor dollar bills Every day she goes to workSpinning in circlesAnd moving in every which direction,Every direction but her own The girl’s grown so jadedOf all the fruitless bouncing She’s so fed upOh,With all the hateful appealing Her arms are so tired, her […]

The story

The storyDemands itself to be told The storyLeaves you with no choice The storyGnaws itself a homeInside the hollow of your bones The storyIs screamed out with your voice


In her homely little kitchenShe dreamed a dream of everlasting love Every morning she would bake himA steaming loaf of fresh breadIn her red little apron, in her old little oven And every morning her ungrateful husbandWould leave her kneading her sour heart

Gently, brushing

The warm summer breeze caressed our flushed facesAs we sat upon a jagged rock, hopefully prying openOur frantically beating hearts; Sentence by sentence, less afraidThat the glittering waves might carry awayThe salt preserving our dissolving parts; At last, when the words had left usAnd our hearts had gone quiet within usThe summer breeze had gently […]


It is said that your friends will keep you in checkThey’ll drag you back into the foldAnd steer you back into your own courseWhen you’re wandered astray It is said that true friends know the real youAnd they guard the parts of you that they know to beOriginal and genuineThey’ll remind you to stay true […]


To bring light into darknessTo bring pleasure into pain To find loveTo loveAnd to be loved To find happinessTo be happyTo eliminate sadness To maximize enjoymentTo minimize suffering But what if the universeDidn’t call for you to turn your back on miseryBut instead to face it with courage? To suffer in the short runIn order […]


To watchAnd to not be able to commentTo simply receiveWith a gag over your mouth I like it You have clickedAnd now you are scrolling downOnly to find outThat there is no way for youTo share your reaction You panic You want to get awayBut it is already too lateYou have had a glimpseAnd you […]

The smell of love

Can you hear them allSinging their love songsReciting their love poemsLike they’re caught under a powerful spell Can you see them allFumbling in the dark to find their one and onlyDragging themselves through the mud for a chance at something holyThe promise of consummationHas such an irresistible smell

The Door

Occasionally I feel this wistful hankeringTo just walk out of the door and disappearTo blend into the crowdIn some place that is far away from here I wonder what kind of version of myself I would find strolling down the streetOf a small English townOr breathing in the fresh air over a valley viewIn the […]

Our journey to meaning

Your meaning was thought to beAlready so lucidly definedWhen my own mind hadn’t really even yet begunTo shed light upon mine For a fleeting stretch you were my dearest companionAs we journeyed hand in hand in the blind hopeFor a twilight where our fates could be intertwined Like two moths caught in their dizzying tangoWe […]


Every timeI push pastThe same fear What ifThis is The One?My final poem?The last thingThat I will ever write? Will my words have been spent wiselyMy thoughts articulated accuratelyIf I cannot bring myself to phrase another lineEver again?

Flea market fairytale

It was supposed to be our own little flea market fairytaleWe had such grand plans for all but any attached grandeur Our promises were agreed to be leftExclusively within the darkened wallsOf that sultry hotel roomUntil we were both wearing them in plain sight Oh, we were both still so helplessly immature Giddy and dazzled […]


All hope was lostVanished into the winds with the thick, black smokeBillowing from the flaming wind turbine My only consolation wasThat I was not aloneYou were there with meTo take me by the hand To take the dizzying fall

The unseemly sum

I pine for that which I cannot haveThere is no question of proprietyWhen you are out of the question entirely And thus,I am bound to entertain the secret thought of youOnly within the private confines of my own mindNever allowing myself to finish off the calculationOf the complicated equation of us And I wonderIf it […]

Asunder heart

Here we are again,my friendI had hoped that we would never get to see this day again Once upon a time,swept into this whirlpool out of my own doe-eyed willNow standing like a dam between two roiling seas With cracks from past tsunami waves marring my wallsI expect myself to crumble and be lost in […]