New poetry book!

Yay, my fifth Kindle ebook is out now on Amazon! 😀 The book is called “Alien: Poetry from the heart of humanity” and it is a selection of poems that I have previously posted on this blog, plus a few completely new poems that I haven’t posted here before. You can read the book with […]


We don’t need a lot of encouragementTo convince us that we ain’t worth itWe are the masters of drawing little enjoymentFrom the success as we make it If we were meant to shamelessly endeavorAnd bask in the glory of the sunThen someone must’ve missed the memo‘Cause we were overrun We were cheated out of the […]

My new book “Alien” for free on Amazon!

To celebrate the release of my new poetry book “Alien: Poetry from the heart of humanity”, you can get it for free from Tuesday 25 till Thursday 27 (11:59 pm)! You can view and download the book through the picture/link below. I would love to hear your opinion about it in the comments! ❤


English translation: Why are you looking so sorrowful, my girlYou won’t find a purpose for life right awayFirst you have to cycle a lot of pathsChafe your feet bloody in the woes of the worldAnd know what you are even looking forBefore you can become stuck in place here You are still a complete mystery […]

Light show

English translation: Think how terrible it would beIf life had no purposeIf the only reason for us being hereWas that we had just the right lights on And think how terrible it would be to knowThat we can’t really know anything after allThe secrets of the universe won’t ever open up for usWhen a human […]

The Cave

Remember that timeIn the distant pastHazy, andLong past remembranceWhen we took those first,Tentative steps into the long,Murky tunnels within us. That gloomy maze didn’t take usTo any groundbreaking realizations;No chest of treasures awaited usAt the end of the exploration. And now, for our efforts,We are stuck inside this cold,Damp death cave;Freezing,Alone, as we desperately fumbleOur […]

Mother bear

Why should I feel sorry for herWhen she never did for me?A mother bear devours her sickly cubsAnd I certainly feel gnawed to the bone But did it yield her nourishment? Why should I treat her with understandingWhen she never did the same for me?A mother bear protects her cubsBut this one abandoned us to […]

Climbing up the mountain of hope

Alone on the top of the mountain when the morning breaksBehind my shoulder hours upon hours of climbing in the darkBarely a chance to glimpse the sun creeping up from behind the mocking peaksDamask hues bless my stumble back down to the foot of hope

Filly born for the lonesome winds

When I was given birth on the cold, barren plainI emerged with the line of drama woven into my tailAnd thus were the perils of my life already pre-writtenFor my innocence on my fetlocks I was constantly bittenAnd so I learned to fear the very ground beneath my hoovesWouldn’t let anyone near me; not her, […]

The blue horse

The blue horse meanders again todayUnder the boon of sunny clear skiesAnd through the joys of the bestowed day Between his gaunt ears he carries the stormEyes hazy, bereft of a way to goHe’ll run all through the night, and into the morn The rider is dragged along beside himBoot caught up in a stirrupYears […]

To drain the dark waters

Oh how I would wish to bury the blade deep into my fleshFeel the twinge of relief and watch my blood trickle hot ‘n’ freshAnd just for a moment be ridded of this curse; the burden of my life’s messBut for their stares and their queries I refrain myself; for the fear of being seen […]


Guess my only optionsAre to perish from exhaustionOr to die in futility Guess I have to pick my demonsFrom the ones born outsideAnd the tormentors within


Wine and time didn’t help me to unwindWhat I needed was a much stronger high;To relieve my mind and write lines divine‘N’ ease the demons dancing in my eyes


English translation: I have learned to enjoy the feeling of dizzinessIt stirs my head just rightStrains the soup of the bits of thoughts I am used to enduring the feeling of hungerWhen the guts are rumbling in the stomachIt feels like I’m living at least a little bit And I know that it won’t satisfy […]


She asked me if I ever think about deathAnd I said yeah,Every day Then she asked me if I’ve ever thought aboutHurting myselfAnd again I said yeah,But there’s no need to mark my skin with a blade I do not look upon death with fear,Nor do I consider it with longingBut rather an awaiting asylumAt […]


this vast mountain lies the horizon that I wish to gaze uponI can already feel the warmth of the sun reflected from the pure white snowThe climb has been unforgiving; my horse lying dead somewhere belowAnd blood is dripping through my fingers – but the great beyond awaits beyond.


I don’t want to be alone right now Why do I seek comfort from solitude? There’s no comfort now, And it shouldn’t come as such news.

New poetry book!

I just published my fourth Kindle ebook, called “Embers: Poems about mental health, villains and atonement”! It is a collection of poems that I have previously published on this blog + 3 new poems that I haven’t posted before. You can read the book for free with Kindle Unlimited, or purchase it for the price […]

My Goodreads profile

You can now also find me on Goodreads! If you’ve read my books, I would be honored to receive your rating or read your review 🙂 I would also love to answer any questions that you may have, or even a simple “hello” in the comments, that would definitely make my day ❤ You can […]


White grits in my teethWhite crystals on the tableIt’s not what you think The need to have something sweetWould resist if I was ableThe greater the high, the lower I sink


You think that you’re runningOut of timeYou fear that you have wastedAs many yearsAs you have spentOn this earth,And any chance for happinessThat you might haveOnce had;But even if that was the case,My dearest friend,Tell meIn all honesty,Would you have been readyBack then? You say that you regretAll the mistakesThat you have madeAlong the wayAnd […]

The Dance

The girl is so wearyOh, so weary She wants to stop her scrabblingFor dollar bills Every day she goes to workSpinning in circlesAnd moving in every which direction,Every direction but her own The girl’s grown so jadedOf all the fruitless bouncing She’s so fed upOh,With all the hateful appealing Her arms are so tired, her […]


It is said that your friends will keep you in checkThey’ll drag you back into the foldAnd steer you back into your own courseWhen you’re wandered astray It is said that true friends know the real youAnd they guard the parts of you that they know to beOriginal and genuineThey’ll remind you to stay true […]


To watchAnd to not be able to commentTo simply receiveWith a gag over your mouth I like it You have clickedAnd now you are scrolling downOnly to find outThat there is no way for youTo share your reaction You panic You want to get awayBut it is already too lateYou have had a glimpseAnd you […]

The Door

Occasionally I feel this wistful hankeringTo just walk out of the door and disappearTo blend into the crowdIn some place that is far away from here I wonder what kind of version of myself I would find strolling down the streetOf a small English townOr breathing in the fresh air over a valley viewIn the […]


Every timeI push pastThe same fear What ifThis is The One?My final poem?The last thingThat I will ever write? Will my words have been spent wiselyMy thoughts articulated accuratelyIf I cannot bring myself to phrase another lineEver again?


All hope was lostVanished into the winds with the thick, black smokeBillowing from the flaming wind turbine My only consolation wasThat I was not aloneYou were there with meTo take me by the hand To take the dizzying fall

Asunder heart

Here we are again,my friendI had hoped that we would never get to see this day again Once upon a time,swept into this whirlpool out of my own doe-eyed willNow standing like a dam between two roiling seas With cracks from past tsunami waves marring my wallsI expect myself to crumble and be lost in […]